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The Natural Stroke...presented in 3D/HD (tm) Micro Brow (r) Ombre' Eyebrows (r) is the fresh modern approach to eyebrow tattooing presented by the Glamour Co. Each Technique and service offers something unique and wonderful that looks like hyper realism.

We have developed these techniques over several decades of tattooing, bringing realism to the next level. If our dates in our course page do not suit you, you can always arrange for one on one training with our experienced instructors. All our instructors have at least a decade of experience, or near. They are well versed in all modalities of tattooing and genre's, this would include body art, medical tattooing and permanent cosmetic applications.

We are sharing our trade secrets with our students and services with our patrons, that took us decades to perfect as we brought our knowledge of body art to the face! It is all about that type of blending and shading, that has been the game changer, as the consumer longs for a more realistic approach. A modern approach!

Our company teaches many microblading techniques in eyebrow tattooing, each one has a separate and wonderful distinctive personality. Just like the clients that request them, more variety allows for many options, especially for your portfolio! 

Our 3 day brow class teaches 4 distinctive techniques, this also includes manual shading with other combined artistic application, but it does not stop there, we offer many other continuing education tattooing classes.

These exclusive techniques are federally registered as trademarks and all rights are reserved. Micro Brow, and Ombre' Eyebrows.

These applications are flawless and unmistakably natural no one will ever know you had a tattoo procedure. These techniques and applications have taken the beauty field by storm and 3DHD is leading the way. Our company is setting the standard for microblading and shading applications with our experience and artistry, that other classes cant deliver with our lifetime of tech support and apprenticeships included in class.

At 3D/HD Brow, Micro Brow have taken the brow to a whole new level of artistic application with our Micro Brow (r) hair simulation techniques. Our classes and services provide the cutting edge in this amazing procedure. Come and bring your skill set to the next level.

Many try to do what we do, but not many can truly master the craft.

This knowledge base is unparalleled in the industry, coupled with practical experience. The pictures on our site are not photo shopped they are our actual work, presented by the Glamour Co.

Whether you're looking for a procedure or wanting to become an artist, this is your next step to perfection

 The Natural Stroke/Micro Brows (r)and the 3D/HD Brows (tm)

is the fresh modern approach to achieving eyebrow hair simulation that traditional solid fill / sharpie look could never accomplish.

This is the pinnacle of continuing education services for the beauty field that will take your skill set to the next level in personal advancement.

The Natural Stroke is the natural choice! tm

Please see our course descriptions and date pages to find out which class is right for you. Remember, you can customize a date if need be for a more personalized touch.

This amazing service and protocol has been perfected by the Glamour Co. who exclusively holds the trademark to the NATURAL STROKE EYEBROW, MICRO BROW (r) Ombre' Eyebrows (r) and the 3D/HD brow which we proudly allow our students to use upon completion of our seminars.

Not only can you receive this naturally beautiful brow by appointment only, we also train those in the beauty field thru continuing education on these types of applications in permanent cosmetic procedures.

Our seminars are fun, affordable and informative and offer a real chance to add a new skill set to your continuing education. Our courses include kits and re audits at no additional costs, this would include shadowing and apprenticeships. 

Upon taking and completing the Natural Stroke and 3D/HD brow seminar, students are able to use our trademarked name in their advertising, which sets them above the average and mundane cosmetic artist.

This is the perfect solution for those who want to add more services to their practice and have a great product to introduce to their beauty clientele. 

We put the Wow in BROWS!

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