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presents 3D/HD and MICRO BROW

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Please day of your class wear black professional clothes or scrubs, as ink can ruin your clothes.  Bring any necessary items that will help facilitate your learning style.  While in class you will use our supplies, not what is issued for your kit.

If you have any special requests before class or need directions to our teaching location, please call us directly at our director of education cell.

Pamela 623-205-5733   or   Tim at 623-396-0785    

Pre Study is found at and is password protected.

Phoenix, Arizona
3dhd Brow

All dates are customized to student needs

Phoenix, Arizona
Permanent cosmetic fundamentals class

All dates customized to students needs.


Weekly and monthly classes available, please reach out for new dates.  Please call us at 623 205 5733

Arizona More dates to be announced with advanced classes, we can customize a date and CE for you EXCLUSIVELY!

 Please contact us directly if a class date you are interested in is not posted, as we can customize a schedule based on your requests.
 Please contact us directly at

Thank you staff.