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Here are what some of our students are saying-

Tina F: I am so glad I found this class on Facebook!!!!! This class is a step by step instruction and It is amazing! The student teacher ratio is something you will never find in any class. The instructors are truly teaching from their heart and want you to succeed sharing all their experiences (good and bad). I feel very confident to hit the ground running and know that all questions are just a phone call or email away.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Susan R: To the amazing team at the Glamourco. I thank you for providing a impeccable class. The education, demos and practice were the most helpful compared to other courses I have taken in the past. Sharing the "Trade Secrets", being an open book and explaining the industry and artistry in the manner you did, made the experience very enjoyable. I feel lucky to have found a NEW HOME!

Tiffany K: Great Class! I had no skills in tattooing before this class and learned so much! I am excited to "do" now. Pam and Tim truly care about the success of the each person in each seminar. There is lots of information and continued support to now ensure your success. Thank you!!!!!!!

Zoraya D: I love your show! This class reinforced my existing skills and I perfected new techniques with much confidence. You guys are the most awesome and experienced educators and my mentors in the industry. Words cannot express my heart felt gratitude to you...they seem to not do you proper justice. I love you forever!

Tia Giannone: The class was AMAZING! Pam is so knowledgeable and you cannot beat nearly 50 years in the dermal arts industry. This is my second time training with Pam in this specific art. I would not choose anyone else but her...thank you.

Kim Leavitt: Pam is a amazing artist and Instructor! Very professional program and highly structured training. I am looking forward to the advanced training in the future.

Susan Rhodes: Fabulous weekend, so much to learn and Pamela Abshear knows her stuff. The teaching will surely make artistry stand out for my clients. Looking forward to many more classes with Pamela, as I want to learn so much..much more. Thank you for everything.

Stephanie Ramirez: I had no clue about the Natural Stroke, only "microblading" "etching". One of the main reason I chose you was because you offered three distinctive techniques , not just the etching. I learned alot in the 3 days. Thank you so much for your kindness, support and expertise.

Debbie Migliore: I came into this class wide eyed and excited! a little discouraged and over thought alot needlessly. the time we saw clients it all came together! I feel very confident in what was being taught. Thank you for being patient with me, thank you for your support!

Angela Nelson: LOVED THIS CLASS!!!!!!!! Such a great experience. I have already been in the industry for many years doing permanent cosmetic applications, now....MY PASSION IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pam and Tim were with me every step of the way and made sure my needs were always met. I feel excited and confident for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erica McCain: I have been in the esthetic industry since 2001, I take great pride in education and professionalism. Pamela and Tim are dedicated professionals and educators. I feel that they exceeded my expectations. I feel confident that I am going to be very successful in performing microblading services to my clients. Thank ya!

Maegan Booth: Such an amazing experience! Pamela and Tim are so professional, patient and skilled. I am so happy I decided to attend this particular class. I would recommend this class to anyone.

Pamela is a true professional and artist. The education and techniques taught were truly exceptional. This class was very detailed and the one on one time spent with each student was awesome. If you truly want to learn more to your clients, taking this class is allows you more to offer your clients, Pamela is your gal!!!

I was very impressed and satisfied with The Glamour Co, and its presentation of the Natural stroke and the 3dhd eyebrow class. I feel the three days were incredibly packed with full of information. The Partnership between Pamela and Tim really balances out to a easy flowing class. I would highly recommend this class and look forward to future classes with them. Thank for teaching Sam how to Glam!!!

Marietta Balyan: Natural Stroke eyebrow class has been absolutely amazing. The instructors were very detailed and helpful, which always reassured us that they are available at all times should any questions arise in the future. This class was very hands on which allowed me to really to get a feel for what microblading is all about. I loved Tim and Pamela. They are an amazing duo that are professional yet made me feel right at home. Thank you again.

Kimmy Cummings: Amazing class! Yay I am certified!!!!!! Love you Tim and Pam!

Stephanie Peterson: I enoyed my 3 day class and learning the many different technique applications. They are very knowledgeable and extremely informative. I am feeling very confident to be taking this new skill back to my clientele.

Samantha Kuroski: I was very impressed and satified with the Glamour Co/3DHD Natural Stroke eyebrows class. I feel the three days were packed full of information and the partnership between Pam and Tim really do balance out the easy flow of the class. I would highly recommend this and look forward to future classes with them. Thanks for showing Sam how to Glam!!!!!

Lorrie Smith: Pamela is a true professional and artist. The education and techniques taught were exceptional. The detailed one on one time spent with each student is a real plus as the classes are small and intimate. If you truly want to learn more and offer this to your clients, Pamela is your gal.

Susan Sanat: I had a great experience in the class, everyone was so helpful with lots of information. I had a lot of hands on. I would highly recommend this class to everyone.

Beverely Caster: Pamela and Tim, I am so thankful that I followed my instincts and came to Phoenix to attend the class. All of you went above and beyond to make all of us students feel very welcome and relaxed. I love your personalities and your hands on teaching style. It means so much to know also that you are here and available for us with follow up questions and your technical support new website at I will be definitely be back for more classes as soon as I can. Thank you all so much!  

Dr. Ben Nixon: This class was AMAZING! I learned alot in a short period of time and I feel comfortable going out on my own. You all made is soooo fun! Thank you!!!

Victoria Ellinger: This class was excellent! I loved the all the help. They were always made sure they were available for one on one if needed. I also liked the fact that you can even bring in your own private clients after the completion of the class for extra support. This gave me a lot of confidence!

Samantha Lewis: I loved this class. I would recommend this to anyone looking for good teaching. They are very structured, lots of great info and good tips and tricks, fun too! Not to serious that it was stuffy but just enough fun and jokes to lighten the whole day and make it fly. Great teaching, great info lots of knowledge and very very structured again, cant say enough on how organized it was. Great team work.

Nellie G: WOW! It was great instruction and training, loved the structure and organization of my whole training. I know with constant practice I will be able to put those skills into action. Spa was very comfortable and relaxing we had everything we needed for our training. Pamela and Tim are 2 amazing people, I felt they absolutely cared about and were very passionate about their teaching. I am so thankful and grateful for this experience.

Amy Soto: In just two days, I learned so much on the natural stroke technique. Starting with the sanitation practices, going into the brow shapes, how to properly tattoo in the direction of hair and what colors to use. Instructors were great about steering me in the right direction if I wasn't quite getting it. I feel confident with all the information and teaching technique, in taking my knowledge and applying it on a client right away. The class was very informational on all matters.

Jazmin A: Pam and Tim are great instructors that were very thorough walking thru the microblading technique and showing you how to even market yourself for your own business. They made me feel very comfortable during the learning experience.

Rachel Lee: I am not sure I ca say enough positive words to describe my experience with you both. You have blown my mind and opened the world of possibilities. I cannot thank you both enough for giving me a far superior education than anyone else was offering. Tim was entertaining, Pamela is a LOVE. 

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